Fire Systems

Fire Fighting Systems

AL Arabia Safety Company is a leader in fire protection systems at Saudi market. Our protection systems are dedicated to protecting each facility and the peoples, Our team have the knowledge and experience necessary to select and install the right system for each applicationas according to international standards. The systems which we are supply -installed and maintain, automatic sprinkler system, hose reel system, fire hydrant system, fire spray system and foam system. Whatever your business, wherever you work, AL Arabia Safety Company is partner to protect you and your property from fire hazards. All our works as per the NFPA and Civil Defense requirements.

Gas Fire Suppression

The gas system is used for areas containing , server rooms or valuable documents, any electronic equipment, servers, military or medical equipment, and many more. One of the advantages of this suppressor is that it does not leave any residue, and is easy to maintain and clean. After controlling the fire, A1-Arabiya Safety provides design and installation services for various types of protection systems. Our fire suppression systems include FM200-, Co2, Novec 1230, Fire Pro, Kitchen Hood and Flex System , etc ...

Fire Alarm & CCTV System

A working fire alarm system is crucial to alerting occupants and evacuating everyone in a timely fashion. Al.Arabia Safety Company has high efficiency to deal with fire alarm different systems like conventional, addressable and wireless. Our fire protection experts are capable of designing, installing, and programming a fire alarm system that will alert the occupants in your building of emergency situations, and all CCTV SYSTEM.

Conventional System - Addressable System - Wireless System